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there are two ME @shushi1010 :P || Iggy има cameo във Fast&Furious7 !! :O
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За да отчете гласът ти, въведи текста от картинката ?

My feelings right now.. :D

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Only my shadow knows how I feel about you.. Only my shadow goes where I dream of you and me..♥
Should I go or wait? Is it too soon, too late?! ..

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The pain you caused has left me dead inside.. I'm gonna make sure.. you regret that night.. In our house.. I hate that place..Everywhere I walk I see your face.. ;xx

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Арее.. време е за бонуса на Шуши :D

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Sitting here wide awake..Thinking about when I last saw you..I know you’re not far away..I close my eyes and I still see you..Lying here next to me..Wearing nothing but a smile..♥



I can't see you with no me..
But.. you left me and I'm just me
so.. I'm gon' be what they gon' be
And I know she wants you.. but they want me
Boy.. together or apart
you be forever in my heart.. I swear
and even if we end up here.. I know it hard
I never love that way again.. I swear to God
I be breaking down.. you be playing hard
she chose to bid it all.. watch how you play your cards..

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what do u think I'm thinkin bout? u think u?! ya thought wrong ;) haa!

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#TeamTI #RayFanz #Azaleans #HustleGangOverErrthang


28.07.13.. ❤ #TeamRayan ❤ Miss Double J.♥


I refuse to let his dream die..†

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