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videos-g-11.ak.instagram.com/hphotos-ak-xaf1/t50.2886-16/10871740_1394527024175171_706488201_n.mp4 - Да си яка мама♥ :P

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Tell me where am I supposed to go? And who am I supposed to believe... If only you knew what I knew then you could see just what I see.... So I grab my bags and go.. as far away as I can gо cuz everything ain't what I used to know... And I try to hide, but I just can't hide no more.There's nothing worse than feeling like a ghost... -.- and you say I look fine.... if only you knew what was on my mind..
You'd see a whole different side.. I couldn't show you even if I tried. I must have got lost in time when I found out I was only free to be where ever I want to be. Some say I'm out of sight..how ironic and that we're all so blind. If you could open up your eyes, you could see what I couldn't describe. And then you'd see the signs.. and then your soul would be set free.. and then you'd be released. And I'm so tired of hiding, I've been running, I've been trying.. to get away..

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Толкова сладка муцунка правиии :D Аууу♥

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Amethyst Kelly♥ a.k.a Iggy Azalea♥

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oh u hatin? .. yeah u should..

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what do u think I'm thinkin bout? u think u?! ya thought wrong ;) haa!

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#TeamTI #RayFanz #Azaleans #HustleGangOverErrthang


28.07.13.. ❤ #TeamRayan ❤ Miss Double J.♥


I refuse to let his dream die..†

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